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Mooney Ovation 3: Turbo Performance Without The Turbo

by on Dec.31, 2013, under Leisure, Travelling & Outdoors

[source: Plane and Pilot Magazine]

Say what you will about American cars, but America builds some of the best civilian airplanes in the world. In the lower rungs of general aviation, especially trainers through four-seat retractables, American flying machines have virtually no equal.



Take, for instance, the Mooney M20R Ovation 3. The current M20R is a third-generation Mooney, the beneficiary of a half century of development. Designer Al Mooney inarguably got it right the first time out of the box back in the 1950s when he created his four-seat M20. While today’s airplane is light-years ahead of its ancestor in performance, comfort, systems, aerodynamics and electronics, you can still see the heritage of design—the arrogant, vertical tail; short, rubber doughnut gear; and tall baggage compartment.

Though it may not be the airplane Luke Skywalker would fly, the basic four-seat Mooney has aged at least as well as Christie Brinkley (who, more than coincidentally, is the same age) while nearly doubling climb rate and adding almost 100 knots to cruise speed.

In fact, Mooneys have consistently enjoyed speed disproportionate to their horsepower. The type has been among the world’s fastest and most efficient personal airplanes since its inception. Today, the Mooney Acclaim S is the acknowledged leader in the turbocharged class, notching near-turboprop speeds on a measly 280 hp.

Similarly, the Ovation 3 is the quickest normally aspirated single—quite simply (or not so simply) the fastest production airplane above the planet without a blower under the bonnet. The Ovation 3 features essentially the same 310 hp Continental engine used on the Cessna Corvalis 350 and the Cirrus SR22-G3. (The only significant differences are associated with repositioning some items to accommodate the Mooney’s retractable nosewheel.)

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BioLite CampStove and HomeStove

by on Dec.31, 2013, under Gadgets, Leisure, Tech Junk, Travelling & Outdoors

BioLite develops and manufactures advanced energy products that make cooking with wood as clean safe and easy as modern fuels while also providing electricity to charge cell phones and LED lights off-grid. We feel a strong sense of responsibility not just to develop products that work well but also to create businesses that make a positive contribution to the global community.

We believe in market-based approaches to poverty alleviation. By creating solutions that are effective, affordable and desirable to the end user, we can reach more people more effectively. Sales of the CampStove help to support the one-time market establishment costs for the HomeStove. This is not charity, or a one-for-one model, but simply the capital needed to incubate self-sustained energy access for the people who need it most.

The BioLite team together has over 30 years of product development experience and holds more than 30 utility patents. Previous clients include OXO, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Nike, Lego, Church and Dwight, Pepsi, GE, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Motorola, and Bosch. More than 90% of our developed products have gone on to be successful in the market.


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by on Dec.31, 2013, under Tech Junk

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 11.13.22 seems to give a through list of possible solutions to fix this annoying problem,

while disabling my plugins I found that the Widget Twitter VJCK plugin in particular gave this problem for me.


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On Hacking MicroSD Cards « bunnie’s blog

by on Dec.31, 2013, under Exploits, Gadgets, Tech Junk

The hardware hacker Bunnie Huang gave a talk at the Chaos Compute Club Congress where he offered some good news and some bad news. The good news? SD cards contain powerful, handy micro controllers that are useful to hackers and hobbyists. The bad news? SD cards are woefully insecure.

In a detailed and readable post, Huang describes the exact problems with Flash memory. In order to reduce the price and increase the storage space, engineers have to fight a never-ending form of internal entropy that slowly but surely scrambles the data on every Flash drive.



On Hacking MicroSD Cards « bunnie’s blog.

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Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum Hotel

by on Dec.24, 2013, under Leisure, Travelling & Outdoors

Had the best weekend break in Assisi, central Italy, with my girlfriend in this five-star Spa Resort!

Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum Hotel.


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