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Abandoned on Everest

by on Jan.30, 2014, under Travelling & Outdoors

Everest-Skull1In 2006, a lone climber attempting the summit of Mount Everest for the third time was, purely by chance, caught in an amateur photograph taken by another climber of the scenic mountaintop ahead. The climber in the photograph was making his way up what is known as the Final Push of the Northeast ridge, between Camp VI at 8,230 m and the summit. It was late in the afternoon, a foolishly reckless time to undertake the lengthy and dangerous route.

It would be many hours before the the photographer and his climbing team saw the man again. Leaving the camp at the recommended time, shortly before midnight in order to reach the summit at daybreak, they were first in line of a total of roughly 40 climbers attempting the Final Push that day. A long train of men, all tethered to the lengths of rope permanently in place to keep climbers on the right track.

For decades, this rope had taken climbers within a few feet of what became known as Green Boots cave. A small limestone overhang located at 8500 m, it was already infamous among climbers for the same reason it earned its nickname. For the past ten years, the body of a climber who died in 1996 has been a grim landmark for every climber of the Northeast route, lying curled up in the fetal position, wearing fluorescent green mountaineering boots.

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This Giant 3D Printer Will Print Your House In 24 Hours

by on Jan.25, 2014, under Entrepreneurship, Tech Junk


Did we not tell you how awesome this 3D printing is going to be? Here’s another fantastic feat which has been pulled off by 3D printing and well, we are amazed to say the least. The gadget in question is a Giant 3D printer which prints concrete and is able to – Get this – build a home, 2,500 Sq. ft, in only one day while printing it layer by layer. This research is being carried out in the University of Southern California with a huge 3D printer.

Meet Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis, who is the designer of this awesome gadget. According to him, what they are doing is ‘basically scaling up 3D printing to the scale of building.’ Well, bravo professor! The technology is being called Contour Crafting and this will no doubt revolutionize the construction industry and how it operates.



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Bush Pilots, TV Series

by on Jan.03, 2014, under Leisure, Travelling & Outdoors



Set in the breath-taking landscape of the Okavango Delta, Bush Pilots is the brand new and exclusive Dave original that follows plucky pilots as they battle treacherous weather, dangerous wildlife and a harsh wilderness.

Away from the usual comforts pilots on commercial airlines enjoy, bush flyers have no automatic pilot, radar, tarmac, or air traffic control. Their runways are often washed away in tropical storms, not to mention the very real problem of having to navigate mating lions or avoid decapitating a giraffe on the runway. It’s a bit like driving on the M69 in December, but in the air. And with aeroplanes. And in Africa.

Each episode sees constant challenges set to test their mettle – from medical evacuations and cargo runs, to facing 20km tropical storms and ferrying rich tourists on exclusive safaris, the challenges for our bush pilots are endless.

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