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OpenBTS – Open Source GSM Protocol

by on Aug.20, 2011, under RU Projects

Implement the OpenBTS software on a USRP to create a GSM Network

More info here

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MITM Attack on Smartphones whitepaper

by on Nov.06, 2009, under Exploits, Tutorials

From Daily Dave Mailing List

SMobile has released a detailed report on research indicating that smartphone users are just as susceptible to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks as PC users. This report details the results of attempts to produce MITM attacks to determine whether it is possible to intercept SSL encrypted communications between various smartphone devices and servers. Of the devices that were tested, each of the major smartphone operating systems appeared to lack the ability to natively detect and defend against MITM attacks, allowing the testing team to intercept sensitive information that should have been encrypted via SSL.

Paper can be downloaded here:

thanks to MAYANK

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GSM Jammer

by on Oct.06, 2008, under Gadgets

So… I found this laying around one my harddrives… and thought someone might appreciate it 🙂

These are the schematics to build a GSM jamming device, or more commonly called a GSM jammer. It should be pretty easy to adapt the frequency to the desired band… Seems like the third harmonic on the 800MHz is also able to jam WiFi signals at 2.4 GHz (because 800 * 3 is 2400 perhaps?)

I must say that this is NOT my work… But someone else’s… I did not look for the source or the author. Just posting this file for public use.

File can be downloaded from here.


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Security Measures in GSM Networks and Possible Attack Methods

by on May.17, 2008, under Papers & Research

This project was born from the love of computing and communications, and the thrills of being able to overcome security measures in communication systems. The purpose of this project is to prove that it is possible for individuals to break though the barriers of GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) protection systems using common and publicly available tools. It has to be said in advance that devices able to intercept GSM conversations do exist; nonetheless these devices are only available to law enforcement agencies and special services.

Download PDF (2 MB)


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